Tony Roberts


Glass garden sculptures.

Tall bright and enigmatic



Monoliths, Standing Stones, Dolmens, all fascinate me. Erected thousands of years ago, they have formed an integral part of the lives of so many people who have passed by or lived in their shadows. My modern, glass monolith sculptures are my response to the layer upon layer of everyday human stories that are sybolised by ancient monoliths. They can be erected singly as Sentinels, in small family groups, or in a crowd, a forest of monoliths.

Wide, tall, and full of intrigue

Garden Panels


Within a single panel of glass can be sculpted many things. Loved objects. Shadows of memories. Snatches of conversation. These my largest sculptures contain many layers, many colours, many moods. Each is my response to a person, a story, an event.

Sparkling, moving, shining

Garden Hangings


People, objects, and stories constantly change over time. They respond to those who tell and experience them. These sculptures explore this movement, in glass, designed to hang outside in the full light of the day.